Is Your Child Ready for 3 Day Potty Training?

In the mother room.

Every child is unique and wonderful with their own innate schedule of growth.  No magic age or number exists that tells parents the time is right to begin potty training.  Fortunately, there are signs to watch for that will give you clues that your child may be ready to take the next big step in childhood, learning to do their business in the potty chair or toilet. 

Your child must be ready to advance into the world of underpants and toilets, but as a parent, you must be ready, too.  There is no overnight, quick fix to potty training, so be prepared for what could become a long haul, devoting both time and energy for as much as three months.  While psyching yourself up, watch for the tell tale signs your child displays nudging you to begin the potty training process. 

If you’re still concerned about age, anywhere from 18 months to 3 years is a good range.  That’s a lot of time and difference in abilities, but each child marches to his own drum, thank goodness.  Keep in mind not all children will display all these clues and some may show different signs unique to themselves.  Be observant and your patience will be rewarded with your child leaping the potty training fence.  Watch for the following signs that will give you clues to your child’s potty training readiness.

  1. Before a child can ever begin to use the potty they must be able to recognize when they are wet or soiled. 
  2. Knowing and understanding simple one word statements such as wet, dry, go, potty, pee, poop are important communication tools. 
  3. Your child must be able to imitate others.  An example) your little boy watches daddy go pee and then imitates daddy’s actions.
  4. If your child is waking from her nap dry or you notice she’s staying dry for 2 hours or more, it’s time to give potty training a whirl. 
  5. A child that exhibits a genuine dislike of wet or poopie diapers is trying to tell you something. 
  6. Pulling pants up and down is an absolute must for a child to begin to be independent enough to use the potty.
  7. Does your child find joy and satisfaction in pleasing mommy and daddy?  If the answer is yes…begin without delay. 
  8. As a child gets older they become more aware of socially appropriate behaviors, if wetting their pants is embarrassing to them, they will take to the potty like a child to candy.
  9. “Mommy, I peed.”  “Mommy I pooped my diaper.”  If you hear these words the time has come for your child to try peeing and pooping in the potty.
  10. Sometimes a child will even tell you that they are about to have a bowel movement or pee before it actually happens.  In this case, get that child to the bathroom pronto with a smile on your face and applause for your child whether the job is done in the potty or not. 
  11. If you child asks outright or is showing a great deal of interest in the toilet, take his cue and give him the attention he needs to fulfill the task of potty training.

Pushing children into potty training before they’re ready only causes frustration and disappointment for both you and your child.  Watch for the readiness signs and if things aren’t looking good on the first attempt, give it a rest and try again in a few weeks.  Just remember, wonderful things come in small packages when observant parents choose the right time.  

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